About Us

General Maintenance for Your Home!


It might be on your whiteboard by the fridge, an Excel spreadsheet in your laptop or maybe you even have it on your calendar sending you reminders...Give Papa Goose a call and we'll fix it all!  

Let's make your home more safe and prevent those pesky problems...like cleaning out dryer ducts and kitchen drains.  Call about our combined services saving you money, time and adding future value through prevention instead of repair!

Let's Fix up that Rental!

Front door to backyard and floor to ceiling we'll help you with the routine...and the not-so-routine things that come up with renting a home or apartment.  Multi-faceted experience means that for most projects Papa Goose is your one stop shop for your repair needs.

Damage Repair and Personality/Age Lift

Life happens!  Call Papa Goose and ask him to sing you the jingle that was thought up while looking at the bathroom in this picture...it's fun and a great homage to the facts of home ownership.  There are times when homes need more than just paint!  Let's fix what needs fixin', and while were at it let Papa Goose put a little more you into your home!