Our Approach

We treat our customers like family. It makes us happy knowing we earn a living by helping others. We approach each job with consideration of the best, most cost effective way to complete the project. With good communication, honest service and timely completion, we hope to earn your trust and referrals.

Our Story

When Curtis was 14 years old he started his own janitorial business. He had had a variety of jobs throughout his life including managing property, construction, flooring installation & maintenance, truck driving, 15 years in management and being a father of 4 children. He also purchased fixer uppers has remodeled 3 homes including a historic home on 9th street worth over $300,000 today.

Tami has been a business owner for 23 years as a massage therapist. She currently works at Healthquest Chiropractic in Boise. She is a co-owner of PaPa Goose Enterprises and a huge fan and supporter of Curtis. They have recently worked together on transforming not only their lives, but also their garage space into an amazing, creative living space for the two older children. Although Tami is learning home remodeling, Curtis is the true 'handy goose' of the family.

When life hands us lemons, we build a lemonade stand. Tough times are hard but give us the gift of reflection and opportunity. After many years in profitable but stressful management position and upon the urging of family and friends, Curtis decided to honor his life with balance and faith and start PaPa Goose Enterprises with his partner Tami.  He knew that it was time to do what really fed his soul, made the best use of his hands and his brain and gave him the flexibility to be a good father, partner and provider.

This business is a new beginning and an exciting opportunity. We look forward to working with you.